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Intravascular Ultrasound(IVUS) & Fractional Flow Reserve(FFR)

Introducing for the first time in north india

ivusIntraVascular UltraSound can be used only by a skillful & trained interventional cardiologist to measure the stage and severity of disease present in blood vessels. It aids in the correct diagnosis & tailor made treatment of diseased vessels in our body.


IVUS is also useful in post-stent placement procedures confirming adequate expansion and full apposition to vessel wall minimizing any future risks of Drug Eluting Stent implantation during Angioplasty.


The Volcano s5 IVUS image-guided therapy offers unique features such as providing a real time tissue characterization, its histopathology, blood flow visuals, correct sizing and reveals internal pathways. Alongwith FFR(Fractional Flow Reserve) technology, it gauges the impact of arterial plaque on blood flow and pressure.


At present, the Volcano systems are installed in United States, Japan, Europe & Australia. In his relentless pursuit of perfection, Tricity’s intervention expert- Dr Puneet Verma usherd in this futuristic technology this new year at ACE Heart & Vascular Institute, Mohali for the benefit of all his patients who choose only the best in interventional treatment of their heart & vasculature.